Confidence Building in South Caucasus

Confidence Building in South Caucasus is a joint initiative of the United Nations Association of Georgia and the United Nations Association of Sweden implemented with the support of Forum Syd/SIDA. The Program aims at supporting cooperation and interaction between the UNAs of South Caucasus and the youth from respective countries, as a measure for stimulating the proper preconditions for better people-to-people relations in the region, as well as the mutual confidence between the targeted populations in the South Caucasus.

UN Association of Georgia supported the establishment of Armenian UN Association in Armenia and strives to support the founding of UN Association in Azerbaijan. The South Caucasus UNAs carry out initiatives that contribute to increased confidence and understanding between different groups in the South Caucasus countries, as well as to inciting civic activism through empowering and educating youth.

In frames of Confidence Building program, UNAs in South Caucasus implement projects and activities aiming at empowering youth and development of the civil society in respective countries. Through various campaigns and activities, UNAs promote human rights, gender equality, peaceful conflict resolution, as well as raise capacity of youth for confidence building and increase motivation and enthusiasm of young people to spread values and knowledge within their communities.

Confidence Building Program in South Caucasus strengthens organizational capacity of the partner organizations through trainings and other capacity building activities. South Caucasus UNAs meet annually since 2006 in Tbilisi, Georgia to exchange experience and working methods on confidence building issues.

UNAG has been organizing Confidence Building Summer Schools for Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian youth since 2006. This regional initiative is a rare opportunity for the youth from these three countries to meet, exchange ideas and experiences through interactive trainings and activities. The school provides a space for building confidence and personal relations among the conflict affected youth and helps them appreciate the significance of democratic and constructive dialogue.

In Georgia, The Confidence Building program works with the marginalized and vulnerable youth from ethnic minority populated and conflict affected regions to enhance their capacity and involvement in civil society and build confidence between different groups in Georgia. Trainings, seminars, discussion meetings, awareness raising campaigns and joint summer schools and conferences are held on regular bases for the youth from targeted Georgian regions.

More than 2000 youngsters took active part in the implementation of the program since 2006 and more than 5000 people benefited indirectly from the program.