UNAG is a Georgian non-for-profit organization that has worked since 1995 to encourage, support and safeguard the democratic aspirations of the people of Georgia. As an active supporter of the core values and principles of democratic societies, UNAG works to promote human rights, endorse the principles of just and accountable governance, advance tolerance and stimulate national debate through encouraging citizen participation in the processes and decisions that affect citizens’ lives.

UNAG has been a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) since 1996, a non-governmental body, uniting more than 100 UNAs worldwide. In 2003, UNAG became the recipient of World Tolerance Award, established by the Friends of the United Nations. In 2010 and 2012, the Ethnic Minority Council, operated under the auspices of the Public Defender of Georgia, recognized and awarded UNAG for its contributions to promoting the culture of tolerance in Georgia.

Through the years of work, UNAG has accumulated and refined a set of unmatched institutional qualifications in several areas of service and impact management. In its pursuit for very long-term tasks and objectives, UNAG constantly advances and improves in managing the change across those program areas that are in the center of UNAG’s thematic focus.

UNAG offers a unique approach to the practice and policy of impact management in Georgia. We are commonly distinguished by the length and sustainability of the programs that we run, individually delivering critical impact and change throughout diverse, yet interlinked issue areas. Refugee Council Georgia project since 1998, Model United Nations simulations since 1995, Civil Georgia since 2001 are very few examples of the pattern of continuation and sustainability that we vigorously build throughout all of our programs, both large and small. Furthermore, UNAG stays committed to making every completed project, large or small, a worthwhile learning experience that plugs into the institutional memory of UNAG.

::: Mission

UNAG aims to reinforce and support Georgia’s ambition to grow into a society that is free of all forms of discrimination, fosters diversity and respects human rights, is open and tolerant, promotes freedom and actively engages in discussing the issues that affect the lives of its communities and citizens.

::: Vision

UNAG aspires to become Georgian and regional non-profit leader in impact management. Spurred by planned growth throughout its program and geographic reach, UNAG strives to transform into a center of excellence for sustainable programming and project management. Strategic partnerships with local and international CSOs, government, business and the greater community of concerned and active citizens, will lead UNAG to new achievements and sustainable results.

::: Values

UNAG, throughout every step of its planning and project management experience, all partnerships and communication lines, values:
  • exemplary performance that promotes highest standards of professional integrity and accountability
  • accomplished team who engages the constituency directly and builds its programs on their authentic needs
  • dynamic and creative team members that are committed to UNAG goals and mission
  • work environment that fosters self-expression, embraces diversity and inspires mutual respect
  • synergetic partnerships with local and international state and non-state institutions
  • ethical, effective and efficient business practices