Model United Nations

United Nations Association of Georgia pioneered the idea of interactive role-playing in Georgia, launching the country’s first-ever Model UN Sessions in 1996 for junior-level students in International Relations departments at leading Georgian universities. Since then, Model UN sessions and role-playing have been a distinctive area of UNAG expertise. The sessions are held regularly, at times hosted by former participants in Model UN sessions, some of whom currently occupy important positions in public service, national and international bodies, and academia.

Model UN project is aimed to promote MUN among Georgian students, preparing them for successful participation in global service simulations. Participation in this program involves comprehensive research process and issue-based trainings, as well as academia role-play sessions that will help them get more information about international politics, experience models of international policy- making, practical diplomatic tools and major global challenges. Model UN program is anticipated to equip Georgian citizens with useful skills, which they will utilize in their career and every-day civic life. Students learn effective communication tools, research, negotiate, debate, consult and write resolutions. Academic format of intensive interaction with peers and trainers from similar and different backgrounds contributed to the development of tolerance and coherence. Model UN program prepares young MUN ambassadors equipped with good managerial skills, who will be peer educators not only in this field of the specific role-play, but also trainers in leadership and effective communication, automatically becoming useful resource for good citizenship and civic activism. Project also promotes volunteerism and peer education principles that can positively affect the success of future civic initiatives. Using a methodology employed worldwide and adapted by UNAG trainers to local needs, students embrace the exciting world of international politics through an experience that helps them understand the instruments of multilateral diplomacy directly and have fun at the same time.

- - 100th Model United Nations in Georgia

In 2012, the United Nations Association of Georgia celebrated its 100th anniversary Model UN conference in Georgia. As a culminating event of the spring cycle of university-based MUN sessions, the conference involved up to 800 university students from different regions that discussed global environment and sustainable energy challenges. Participants excelled in employing creative thinking and diplomatic action while elaborating different interesting ideas on how do decrease pollution rates and promote biomass for alternative energy production. Model UN corners were established in all 10 participant universities to further promote student interest and involvement in Model UN and similar educational opportunities. This active learning experience also allows its participants to understand the importance of their involvement in decision making, and understanding the consequences that their decisions and actions may have both locally and globally.